Hy-Kleen 28

Hy-Kleen 28

Code: CP105

Sanitiser and cleaner for all food areas.
NZSFSA Approved C31 (All animal product except dairy)
All food surface must be throughly rised with Potable water before use.

Dilution: 50 mls per litre of water


Hy-Kleen 28 is a solvent sanitiser with no caustic contents. Any food placed on a surface cleaned with Hy-Kleen 28 will not be contaminated if placed on the surface immediately after cleaning.

FOOD PREPERATION AREAS - Add 50mls to 1ltr water in a spray bottle

Leave on surfaces for 2mintues before wiping off with a clean cloth

Wipe down as required during shift

End of shift: wipe down all surfaces with Hy-Kleen 28.



Wipe as required during shift or if using a knife bath change solution as required  20mls per bath

End of shift: after washing wipe down with Hy-Kleen 28.


FRIDGE DOORS AND HANDLES 50mls to 1ltr spray bottle

Wipe down as required during shift and after service.

Leave on surface 2min before wiping off.


BACON SLICER    50mls to 1ltr spray bottle

After use: switch off then dismantle and spray with Hy-Kleen 28.  Wash blade in hot soapy water and dry. Wipe down with Hy-Kleen 28 and reassemble



Add 1 cup per 10 litre bucket HOT water to clean and sanitise floors.